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Salil Benegal
From Fall 2016 onwards, I will be teaching at DePauw University in the Department of Political Science. Below are brief descriptions of the courses I will be teaching:

POLS 290A: Introduction to Human Rights
This course introduces students to the major theoretical concepts of human rights, how they are secured and enforced in international law, and some of the emerging contemporary debates in human rights such as the role of economic and social human rights in development, and rights-based approaches to the environment.

POLS 290B: Introduction to Environmental Policy
This course examines the actors, institutions, and policies that aim to protect and govern the environment. Students in this course will learn how environmental policies have evolved in recent years as a result of changing environmental risks, interest groups, and other actors that shape environmental protection. Much of this course focuses on environmental regulation and actors in the US, though this course also examines efforts to govern and regulate environmental outcomes in other countries, as well as at the international level.

I previously taught at the University of Connecticut at Global House, one of the interdisciplinary learning communities at UCONN, and with the Department of Political Science. Below are brief descriptions of the courses I taught at the University of Connecticut. Please email me for syllabi.

Courses taught:

POLS 1202: Introduction to Comparative Politics 
This is a three credit course designed to introduce first and second year students to the general concepts and theories of Comparative Politics. In this course, students learn how to compare political phenomena such as electoral systems, institutions, or democratic outcomes across different regional/spatial and temporal contexts to better understand their causes and effects. 

POLS/HRTS 3212: Comparative Perspectives in Human Rights
This is a three credit course cross-listed with the Human Rights Institute for third and fourth year students in the political science and human rights programs. Students who take this course are expected to have some prior background in comparative politics or human rights. This course covers major theoretical concepts in human rights and the challenges in evaluating and enforcing them by contrasting human rights issues in different regions and subject areas.

UNIV 1810: Introduction to Global House Learning Community
This is a one credit course that is part of the First Year Experience (FYE) program for students in the Global House Learning Community. This course introduces first year students in the community to issues relevant to new students at the University of Connecticut, such as college and cultural transitions, and helps them develop skills essential to college and future success, such as critical thinking, presentation, writing, and research skills.